Canadian Urban Politics Workshop

The Centre is pleased to sponsor the Canadian Urban Politics Workshop, a series of monthly workshops focused on urban politics. The purpose of the workshop series is to provide faculty and student researchers with a new opportunity to receive high-quality, extended feedback on research papers related to urban politics, while also enabling faculty and students to keep in touch with upcoming research in urban political science.

Organizing Committee 

  • Sandra Breux, INRS-Urbanisation
  • Jack Lucas, University of Calgary
  • R. Michael McGregor, Ryerson University
  • Zack Taylor, Western University 

Call for Papers for the 2021–22 Workshop

Each one-hour workshop will focus on a single paper, with time for extended discussant feedback and group discussion. The organizing committee is committed to securing excellent discussants for each workshop, and we will work with others to choose discussants whose feedback would be especially helpful. 

The research series will take place via Zoom on the second Monday of each month, except in the case of holidays. We encourage proposals from scholars at all career stages, and in all methods and subfields related to urban politics. While we will give preference to papers on Canadian urban politics, we are also interested in papers on urban politics outside Canada. 

The deadline for submissions is September 24, 2021. 

Submit a Proposal

The 2020–21 Program

October 2020 

“Apathy, Cynicism, or Satisfaction: Elections by Acclamation in Québec” 

Sandra Breux (INRS-Urbanisation) and Jérôme Couture (Université de Laval)

Discussant: Aaron Moore (University of Winnipeg) 

November 2020 

“Conceptualizing Politics: Does the Level of Government Make a Difference?”

Scott Matthews (Memorial University), R. Michael McGregor (Ryerson University), and Laura Stephenson (Western University)

Discussant: Melissa Marschall (Rice University)

December 2020 

"Polarization and Suburbanization: Quantifying Ideological Conflict in the Canadian City"

James Ankers (University of Toronto)

"Coalition Formation on a Nonpartisan City Council: Toronto, 1998–2020"

Zack Taylor (Western University) and David A. Armstrong II (Western University)

January 2021

“Multilevel Fiscal Institutions and the Drivers of Urban Infrastructure Investments.”

Jacqueline Peterson (University of Toronto) 

Discussant: Martin Horak (Western University) 

February 2021 

“The Urban-Rural Divide in Canadian Federal Elections, 1896-2019” 

David A. Armstrong II (Western University), Jack Lucas (University of Calgary), and Zack Taylor (Western University)

Discussant: Richard Johnston (UBC)

March 2021

“Wealth and Political Engagement at the Local Level in Canada”

Cameron Anderson and Laura Stephenson (Western University)

Discussant: Ruth Dassonneville (Université de Montréal) 

April 2021

“Program Design and Distributive Politics in Canadian Infrastructure Transfers”

Jesse Helmer and Martin Horak (Western)

Discussant: Olivier Jacques (Queen's University)