Grants and Contracts

V.M. Esses & J. McRae
Grant from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
“The Pathways to Prosperity Partnership: Supporting Service Provision and Promoting Welcoming Communities in Canada”



V.M. Esses & A. Sutter
Contract with the Department of Justice of the Government of Canada
“A Look at Serious Legal Programs Facing Immigrants in London and Toronto, Ontario”



Esses, V.M., & Willson, A.
Faculty of Social Science Internal Collaborative Research Grant
“Attraction and Retention of Immigrants in Smaller Canadian Centres: Analyses of the Longitudinal Immigration Database”



V.M. Esses, L. Hamilton, & A. Pyati
SSHRC Insight Grant
“Optimizing the Provision of Information to Facilitate the Settlement and Integration of Immigrants in Canada”



V.M. Esses, C. Andrew, M. Arnal, C. Belkhodja, P. Bramadat, T. Carter, H. Dickson, J. Drolet, M Haan, A. Kazemipur, C. Lavoie, T. Murphy, W. Reimer, & M. Vatz-Laaroussi
SSHRC Partnership Grant
“Pathways to Prosperity: New Policy Directions and Innovative Local Practices for Newcomer Integration and Attraction”



Harrell, A., Bloemraad, I., & Esses, V.
CIFAR Catalyst Grant
“Claims and the Immigrant Other”



Lochner, L., & Caucutt, E. 
SSHRC Insight Grant
"Human Capital Production and Returns"



Mansell, J., & Friesen, A.
SSHRC Connection Grant
"Science in Politics: Methodological Innovations and Political Attitudes?"



Oudshoorn, A., Benbow, S., Caxaj, S., & Esses, V.
SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant
“Settlement in the Midst of the Pandemic”



Oudshoorn, A., el Hazzouri, M., Hamilton, L.K., Esses, V.M., Brown, C.D., & Theriault, L.J.
SSHRC Insight Grant
“Long Term Housing Outcomes of Under-Housed Syrian Refugees”



Singh, P., Abu-Laban, Y., Esses, V., Harell, A., Markus, H., Shachar, A., Wimmer, A., Bloemraad, I., & Kymlicka, W.
CIFAR Catalyst Grant
“Cross-National Data on Inclusive Nationalism”



Werner, K. & Besada, H. & McIntyre, A.                                                                           
SSHRC Connection Grant                                                                                                 
"The State and Indigenous Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa and North America: A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion"