Grants and Contracts

2021 – 2024
Principal Investigator: Laura B. Stephenson
“Investigating the role of municipal economic development”.
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 18,000 dollars.
2021 – 2024
Principal Investigator: Kate H. Choi
“Housing and COVID-19”.
SSHRC Insight Grant. 94,126 dollars.
2021 – 2022
Principal Investigator: Jordan Mansell
Collaborator(s):  Amanda Friesen
“Science and politics: Changing attitudes and emerging methodologies”.
SSHRC Connection Grant. 25,000 dollars.
2021 - 2022
Werner, K. & Besada, H. & McIntyre, A. 
"The State and Indigenous Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa and North America: A Cross-Disciplinary Discussion".
SSHRC Connection Grant. 24,846 dollars.
Principal Investigator:  Joanna R. Quinn
“Widening the thin sympathetic hypothesis”.
SSHRC Reapplication Assistance Grant. 5,000 dollars.
2020 – 2025
Principal Investigator: David Rivers
“Empirical methods and analysis of multidimensional criminal activity”.
SSHRC Standard Research Grant. 100,000 dollars.
2020 – 2025
Victoria Esses, & J. McRae
“The Pathways to Prosperity Partnership: Supporting Service Provision and Promoting Welcoming Communities in Canada”.
Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. 2,196,000 dollars.
2020 – 2023
Principal Investigator: Laura B. Stephenson
“Survey design under constraints: Best practices”.
SSHRC Connection Grant. 24,995 dollars.
 2020 – 2022
Principal Investigator: Jordan Mansell
Collaborators: Amanda Friesen,  Mathieu Turgeon,  Allison Harrell, Victoria Esses,  James Gross,  Robert Hinckley,  Sukhvinder Obhi, Valérie-Anne Mahéo, The Mosaic Institute
“Psychological barriers to human flourishing: Applying research on emotions to reduce prejudice”.
John Templeton Foundation: Grand Ideas in Human Flourishing. 100,000 US dollars.
Principal Investigators:  Victoria Esses and A. Sutter
“A Look at Serious Legal Programs Facing Immigrants in London and Toronto, Ontario”.
Department of Justice of the Government of Canada. 35,000 dollars.
2020 – 2021
Harrell, A., Bloemraad, I., & Esses, V. 
“Claims and the Immigrant Other”.
CIFAR Catalyst Grant. 25,000 dollars.
2020 – 2021
Oudshoorn, A., Benbow, S., Caxaj, S., & Esses, V. 
“Settlement in the Midst of the Pandemic”.
SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. 23,672 dollars.
2020 – 2021
Singh, P., Abu-Laban, Y., Esses, V., Harell, A., Markus, H., Shachar, A., Wimmer, A., Bloemraad, I., & Kymlicka, W. 
“Cross-National Data on Inclusive Nationalism”.
CIFAR Catalyst Grant. 45,093 dollars.
Principal Investigator: Alina Sutter
"The representation of visible minorities, indigenous peoples and women in senior leadership positions in London, Ontario".
Mitacs Accelerate Grant in Partnership with Pillar Nonprofit Network. 15,000 dollars.
2019 – 2026
Principal Investigator:  Laura B. Stephenson
“Consortium on electoral democracy/Consortium de la democratic electorale”.
SSHRC Partnership Grant. 2,500,000 dollars.
2019 – 2022
Principal Investigator: Jordan Mansell
Collaborators:  Allison Harell, & Michael Bang Petersen
“Prejudice, threat, environment, and cognition: Do differences in cognitive style explain prejudicial attitudes towards ethnic out-groups?”.
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 59,567 dollars.
2019 – 2021
Principal Investigators:  V.M. Esses and A. Wilson
“Attraction and Retention of Immigrants in Smaller Canadian Centres: Analyses of the Longitudinal Immigration Database”.
Faculty of Social Science Internal Collaborative Research Grant. 9,984 dollars.
2019 – 2021
Principal Investigator: Godwin Arku
Co-Principal Investigator: Michael Buzelli
“Informed economic development: Testing a method for better local policymaking in municipalities”.
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 68,000 dollars.
Principal Investigator:  Gus Riveros-Barrera.
Co-Principal Investigator:  Michael Buzelli
“Exploring the relations between the housing market and the supply of schooling: A pilot study in one city in Southwestern Ontario”.
SSHRB – Western Strategic Support for SSHRC Success. 21,500 dollars.
2018 – 2023
Principal Investigator: Laura B. Stephenson
Co-Principal Investigators:  Allison Harell,  Peter Loewen, & Daniel Rubenson
“Attitudes toward democracy and elections in Canada”.  
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 343,474 dollars.
2018 – 2023
Co-Principal Investigators: Michael Buzelli, & Godwin Arku
“Local impacts and policy response to plant closures: A Canada (ON) U.S. (MI) comparative analysis”.
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 94, 915 dollars.
2018 – 2023
Oudshoorn, A., el Hazzouri, M., Hamilton, L.K., Esses, V.M., Brown, C.D., & Theriault, L.J. “Long Term Housing Outcomes of Under-Housed Syrian Refugees”.
SSHRC Insight Grant. 99,026 dollars.
2018 – 2022
Principal Investigator: Michael Buzelli
“Undergraduate research partners: Working curriculum to connect campus with community”.
UWO Centre for Teaching and Learning. 50,000 dollars.
2017 – 2023
Lochner, L., & Caucutt, E.  "Human Capital Production and Returns".
SSHRC Insight Grant. 152,980 dollars.
2017 – 2022
Principal Investigator: Michael McGregor
Co-Principal Investigator: Laura B. Stephenson
“The Canadian municipal election study”.
SSHRC Insight Development Grant. 281,536 dollars.
2017 – 2022
Principal Investigator: David Rivers
“Empirical methods for studying technical efficiency, productivity, and competition”.
SSHRC. 137,000 dollars.
2016 – 2022
Co-applicant: David Rivers
“Productivity, firms and incomes”. SSHRC Partnership Grant. 2,496,000 dollars.
2014 – 2022
V.M. Esses, L. Hamilton, & A. Pyati
“Optimizing the Provision of Information to Facilitate the Settlement and Integration of Immigrants in Canada”. SSHRC Insight Grant. 279,260 dollars.
2012 – 2021
V.M. Esses, C. Andrew, M. Arnal, C. Belkhodja, P. Bramadat, T. Carter, H. Dickson, J. Drolet, M Haan, A. Kazemipur, C. Lavoie, T. Murphy, W. Reimer, & M. Vatz-Laaroussi
“Pathways to Prosperity: New Policy Directions and Innovative Local Practices for Newcomer Integration and Attraction”.
SSHRC Partnership Grant. 2,513,360 dollars