Doctoral Fellowships

Lyn HoangLyn Hoang 

Lyn Hoang received her masters in sociology from Western University and is currently completing her PhD in sociology at Western University. She is a Digital Sociologist and her research interest examine new ways of working, specifically digital or manual work within, or mediated by, the growing Platform/Gig Economy. She is also interested in examining social inequality in work and issues of Internet access among different social groups. Her PhD research explores people’s motivations for pursuing work in the platform economy and how they derive meaning from their work. As well as how these new forms of will impact working, policies, and legislation within Canada.

Adam NewtonAdam Newton 

Adam Newton received his Master’s of Science in Clinical Psychology from Western University and his BA (Hons) from King’s University College. He is a PhD Candidate in Clinical Psychology at Western. His research interests include typical and atypical children’s sleep, including topics such as help-seeking for behavioral sleep problems, risk and protective factors for sleep problems, and napping among preschool children. As a PhD Candidate and NEST Doctoral Fellow, his dissertation focuses on the developmental importance of napping cessation among preschool children, using nationally representative data.

Jaclyn SiegelJaclyn Siegel 

Jaclyn A. Siegel is a PhD candidate at Western University, Canada. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Honors, and a Master of Science in Psychology from Villanova University, United States. Her research focuses on the embodied social psychology of feminism, particularly how gendered and race-related social experiences and attitudes influence (un)willingness to engage in behaviors to promote gender equality.