Canadian Urban Politics Workshop

The Centre is pleased to sponsor the Canadian Urban Politics Workshop, a series of monthly workshops focused on urban politics. The purpose of the workshop series is to provide faculty and student researchers with a new opportunity to receive high-quality, extended feedback on research papers related to urban politics, while also enabling faculty and students to keep in touch with upcoming research in urban political science.

After a successful program in 2020–21, the workshop will return in 2023–24.

Organizing Committee 

  • Sandra Breux, INRS-Urbanisation
  • Jack Lucas, University of Calgary
  • R. Michael McGregor, Ryerson University
  • Zack Taylor, Western University 

The 2020–21 Program

October 2020 

“Apathy, Cynicism, or Satisfaction: Elections by Acclamation in Québec”
Sandra Breux (INRS-Urbanisation) and Jérôme Couture (Université de Laval)
Discussant: Aaron Moore (University of Winnipeg) 

November 2020 

“Conceptualizing Politics: Does the Level of Government Make a Difference?”
Scott Matthews (Memorial University), R. Michael McGregor (Ryerson University), and Laura Stephenson (Western University)
Discussant: Melissa Marschall (Rice University)

December 2020 

"Polarization and Suburbanization: Quantifying Ideological Conflict in the Canadian City"
James Ankers (University of Toronto)

"Coalition Formation on a Nonpartisan City Council: Toronto, 1998–2020"
Zack Taylor (Western University) and David A. Armstrong II (Western University)

January 2021

“Multilevel Fiscal Institutions and the Drivers of Urban Infrastructure Investments.”
Jacqueline Peterson (University of Toronto) 
Discussant: Martin Horak (Western University) 

February 2021 

“The Urban-Rural Divide in Canadian Federal Elections, 1896-2019” 
David A. Armstrong II (Western University), Jack Lucas (University of Calgary), and Zack Taylor (Western University)
Discussant: Richard Johnston (UBC)

March 2021

“Wealth and Political Engagement at the Local Level in Canada”
Cameron Anderson and Laura Stephenson (Western University)
Discussant: Ruth Dassonneville (Université de Montréal) 

April 2021

“Program Design and Distributive Politics in Canadian Infrastructure Transfers”
Jesse Helmer and Martin Horak (Western)
Discussant: Olivier Jacques (Queen's University)