Research Interns

Summer 2021 

Brittany BouteillerBrittany Bouteiller

Brittany Bouteiller is a BA student in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics (PPE) with a minor in Environment and Culture. Her primary interests are in Indigenous rights, the environment, and their intersection with the law. During the summer of 2021, she will research the influence of campaign donations on local politicians as a Western Undergraduate Summer Research Intern.

Amanda GutzkeAmanda Gutzke

Amanda Gutzke is a third-year student pursuing an Honours Specialization in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. She is interested in how the three disciplines interact with one another within public policy and urban and local governance. During her spare time, Amanda is also the Co-President of the Western Political Science Association and the Editor-in-Chief of The Social Contract. As a summer 2021 Western Undergraduate Summer Research Intern she will support preparatory work for a new book on Canadian urban and local politics, as well as other Centre projects.

khalif.jpegTomother Khalif

Tomother Khalif is pursuing an Honours Specialization in Political Science with a Minor in German. She is interested in Women’s rights and urban and local governance. As a Summer 2021 Research Intern, Tomother will contribute to the Centre’s Municipal Profiles Project, researching and compiling information on Canadian municipalities.