Research Papers

Below are a few select research papers authored by faculty afficialtes of the CRSI.

Audra Bowlus

Bowlus, Audra J., Lance Lochner, Chris Robinson and Eda Suleymanoglu. (Forthcoming). “Wages, Skills, and Skill-Biased Technical Change: The Canonical Model Revisited,” Journal of Human Resources, forthcoming. 

Bowlus, A., Robinson, C., and Liu, H. 2019. "Different Paths? Human Capital Prices, Wages, and Inequality in Canada and the United States." Journal of Labor Economics 37(52)

Bowlus, A. and Robinson, C. 2020. "The evolution of the human capital of women." Canadian Journal of Economics 53(1)

Dale Ballucci

Ballucci, D., & Ghebrai, S. (2021, forthcoming) “(De)Constructing Credibility: Examining the Power of Childhood in Unaccompanied Refugee Decision-Making”. Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies.

Ballucci, D., & Lecoq, G. (June 9, 2021) "Expanding Mechanisms of Governance: Uncertainty and Risk in Police Decision-Making Strategies in the Pursuit of Specialized Peace Bonds"Crime and Delinquency. 

Lecoq, G., Ballucci, D, & D, Spencer. (March 2021). “Keep them on the Straight and Narrow”: Understanding, selecting and governing subjects through Intensive supervision UnitsThe British Journal of Criminology. 61(2): 538–557.

David Calnitsky

Gonalons Pons, Pilar and David Calnitsky. 2021. "Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in the Family." Socio-Economic Review.p. 1-29. h 

Calnitsky, David and Pilar Gonalons Pons. 2020. “The Impact of an Experimental Guaranteed Income on Crime and Violence.” Social Problems. 68(3): 778-798.

Calnitsky, David. 2020. “The Employer Response to the Guaranteed Annual Income.” Socio-Economic Review, 18(2), 493-517.

Kate Choi

Choi, K. (2021). “Multiracial Children's Experiences of Family Instability”. Journal of Marriage and Family 83(3): 627-643.

Choi, K. 2020. "Radical diversity in the Hispanic Assimilation Process." Journal of Marriage and Family 82(2): 675-690

Choi, K. and R. Goldberg. 2020 "The Social Significance of Interracial Cohabitation: Inferences Based on Fertility Behavior." Demography

Patrick Denice

Denice, P. 2019. "Trajectories through postsecondary education and students' life course transitions." Social Science Research 80: 243-260

Denice, P. and Rosenfeld, J. 2018. "Unions and nonunion pay in the United States, 1977-2015." Sociological Science 5: 541-861

Michael Haan

Yoko Yoshida, Michael Haan, and Scott Schaffer (forthcoming).  Administrative Data Linkage in Canada: Implications for Sociological Research. Canadian Review of Sociology.

Haan, Michael, Zhou Yu, and Elena Draghici. (forthcoming). Household Formation in Canada and the United States: Insights into Differences by Race, Ethnicity, Immigrant Populations, and Region. Housing Policy Debate

Deatra Walsh, Michael Haan, and Christopher Hewitt. (forthcoming). Working without Fixity: Accounting for a Mobile Workforce During a Pandemic. Journal of Rural and Community Development.

Wolfgang Lehmann

Lehmann, Wolfgang. 2021. Conflict and Contentment: the social mobility of working-class studentsEuropean Journal of Education: Special Issues: Higher Education access, participation and progression: Inequalities of opportunity. 56: 41-52. 

Easterbrook, R., R. Raby and W. Lehmann. 2020. Navigating babysitting as liminal, gendered, and undervalued workChildhood

Wright, Laura, W. Lehmann and A. Taylor. 2019. 'If you want to have a future and get a life, do an apprenticeship': The expectations and realities of tradesmen's transition to adulthoodJournal of Youth Studies

Lehmann, W. 2019. "Forms of capital in working-class students' transition from University to employment." Journal of Education and Work, 32:4, 347-259

Lance Lochner

Lochner, L., Park, Y., and Shin, Y. 2017. "Wage Dynamics and Returns to Unobserved Skill." Centre for Human Capital and Productivity Work Paper Series

Cano-Urbina, J., Lochner, L. 2019. "The Effect of Education and School Quality on Female Crime." Journal of Human Capital, 13(2)

Rachel Margolis

Margolis, Rachel, Y. Choi, A. Holms, and N. Mehta. (2021). The Effect of Expanded Parental Benefits on Union Dissolution. Journal of Marriage and Family Journal of Marriage and Family 83 (February 2021): 191–208. 

Margolis, R., Choi, Y., Holm, A., and Mehta, N. 2020. "The Effect of Expanded Parental Benefits on Union Dissolution." Journal of Marriage and Family 

Kaitlynn Mendes

Dey, A. and Mendes, K. (2021) ‘“It started with this one post”: #MeToo, India and Higher Education’, Journal of Gender Studies. 10.1080/09589236.2021.1907552

Quan-Haase, A., Mendes, K., Ho, D., Lake, O., Nau, C., & Pieber, D. (2021) Mapping #MeToo: A synthesis review of digital feminist research across social media platforms’, New Media & Society. DOI: 10.1177/1461444820984457

Loney-Howes, R., Mendes, K., Fernández Romero, D., Fileborn, B., & Núñez Puente, S. (2021) ‘Digital Footprints of #MeToo’, Feminist Media Studies. DOI 10.1080/14680777.2021.1886142

Howard Ramos

Ramos, Howard, Lisa Kaida, *Diana Singh, *Paul Pritchard, and *Rocehlle Wijesingha. 2021. “The power of a simple index of neighbourhood change: Challenging the perception that there is no such thing as simplicity in creating indexes.” Canadian Geographer. DOI: 10.1111/cag.12711

McLay, Rachel and Howard Ramos. Forthcoming. “Embracing (in)difference? Rural political citizenship in Atlantic Canada.” The Right to Be Rural: Citizenship Outside the City. University of Alberta Press (TBC).

Grant, J.L., Walks, A., Ramos, H. 2020. "Changing Neighbourhoods: Social and Spatial Populization in Canadian Cities." University of British Columbia Press

Sean Waite

Waite, S., Pajovic, V. and Denier, N. 2020. "Lesbian, gay and bisexual earnings in the Canadian labor market: New evidence from the Canadian Community Health Survey." Research in Social Stratification Mobility 67

Waite, S. 2020. "Should I Stay or Should I Go? Employment Discrimination and Workplace Harassment against Transgender and Other Minority Employees in Canada's Federal Public Service." Journal of Homosexuality

Joanna Weststar

Weststar, J. 2021. Developer Satisfaction Survey 2021: Report on the Impact of COVID-19. International Game Developers Association. 

Weststar, J., Kwan, E. and Kumar, S. 2019. "Developer Satisfaction Survey 2019 Summary Report." International Game Developers' Association

Westar, J. and Legault, M-J. 2018. "Women's experiences on the path to a career in game development." Feminisim in Play. Gray, Voorhees & Vossen (Eds.). Palgrave MacMillan

Yoko Yoshida

Haan, M., Yoshida, Y., Amoyaw, J., and Iciaszczyk. 2020. "Becoming Permanent: The Transition Characteristics of Temporary Foreign Workers to Permanent Residents in Canada." International Migration

Yoshida, Y. 2020.  "Looking Beyond Labour Market Integration: Household conditions surrounding refugee children in Canada." in Refugees Canada and Germany: From Research to Policies and Practice (Ch 11) GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany

Anna Zajacova

Zajacova, A., Rogers, R.G., Grodsky E., and Grol-Prokopczyk H. 2020. "The Relationship Between Education and Pain Among Adults Aged 30-49 in the United States." The Journal of Pain (00)00: 1-11

Zajacova, A. and Lawrence, E.M. 2018. "The relationship Between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach." Annual Review of Public Health 39: 273-289