Policy Briefs

On the Books, Off the Record: Examining the Effectiveness of Pay Secrecy Laws in the U.S.

Institute for Women's Policy Research - January 2021

By: Shengwei Sun (Institute for Women’s Policy Research), Jake Rosenfeld (Washington University in St. Louis), and Patrick Denice (University of Western Ontario)


In Conversation: Rachel Margolis on Divorce Trends in Canada

The Vanier Institute of the Family - February 10, 2020

Families in Canada have evolved considerably across generations, as have patterns of coupling (i.e. marriage, living common-law) and uncoupling (i.e. separation and divorce) that have an impact on families and family well-being. While a large and growing body of family research has documented how divorce can impact individuals and their families, our understanding of how this has changed over time has been significantly affected by a lack of publicly available vital statistics data in Canada over the past decade.