Media Engagement

Efforts by CRSI members to communicate research findings to the broader public. 

Global News, January 21, 2022. How thinking differently about the pandemic could help us manage it better (Kate Choi)

City New Kitchener, January 13, 2022. Inclusion, walkability will be key to rebuilding cities after the COVID-19 pandemic (Kate Choi)

The Conversation, January 10, 2022. Inclusion, walkability will be key to rebuilding cities after the COVID-19 pandemic (Kate Choi and Patrick Denice)

Toronto Star, August 19, 2021. Toronto hot spots caught up on vaccination rates, but still saw higher COVID rates, new study shows. (Kate Choi)

The Conversation, July 18, 2021. Even with equal vaccination rates, COVID-19 hotspots still have higher infection rates. (Choi, Kate and Patrick Denice)

The Conversation, May 4, 2021. COVID-19 pandemic may produce dramatic changes in life expectancy, birth rates and immigration. (Choi, Kate and Patrick Denice.)

The Conversation, 18 March, 2021. ‘Lockdown, violence and understanding women’s anger’. (Mendes, K., Milne, E., Ringrose, J., & Horeck, T.)

The Conversation, November 4, 2020. Working from home during COVID-19: What do workers really want? (Peetz, D., Weststar, J., Campbell, S., O'Brady, S., Ramia, I., Ressia, S. Troup, C. & Werth, S.)

YouTube. COVID-19 Research at Western University. (Kate Choi)

Toronto Star. First overview on Atlantic Immigration Pilot: We can be cautiously optimistic, expert says. (Yoko Yoshida - Interview)

Vancouver is Awesome. Early data suggests baby bust during COVID-19. (Kate Choi - Interview)

Global News. Racialized Canadians and living arrangements. (Kate Choi - Interview)

CBC Radio. The Current with Matt Galloway. COVID-19 baby bust. (Kate Choi - Interview).

Western News: Expansion of parental benefits saved marriages (Rachel Margolis - Interview) 

Wordfest London: Impacts of COVID-19 on the most vulnerable (Kate Choi - Panelist)

London Free Press "Black Lives Matter seeks race-related London data through survey"  (Kate Choi - Interview)

CBC News "2,000 COVID-19 cases missing from Toronto's map of hot spots" (Kate Choi - interview)

The Conversation "Data linking race and health predicts new COVID-19 hotspots". (Kate Choi, Patrick Denice, Anna Zajacova - Contribution). 

CBC Radio "The inequalities on COVID-19" (Patrick Denice - Interview)

Western News -"Americans with lower education levels suffer more pain than people with more education" (Anna Zajacova - Interview)

The Conversation Working from home during COVID-19: What do employees really want? (Joanna Weststar - Contribution)