Dr. Howard Ramos has been appointed the new Chairperson of the Canadian Statistics Advisory Council
Fall 2020

This council advises the Chief Statistician and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada on the overall quality of the national stastistical system.

The forgotten ones
Untold and unseen consequences of COVID-19 
By Jeff Renaud
Western Alumni Gazette | Fall 2020

The new normal. Eric Arts hates this term.
The renowned Western virologist – actively working on a coronavirus vaccine – believes the COVID-19 global pandemic is anything but normal. It’s a world-crippling crisis. And Arts said we should’ve seen it coming, but didn’t – and that’s not even the biggest problem.
As the world remains hyper-focused on finding a vaccine and a cure for a disease that has killed close to one million people, it is becoming clearer every day that those most vulnerable and those who are racialized are paying the highest price with their healthcare, their education, their employment and, ultimately, their lives. Read More