The CCQSS will host events of interest to students and researchers.

Speaker Series

CCQSS will provide space and time for faculty, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars to present work in progress to members of the Centre and the faculty more broadly. Initially, the series will focus on internal speakers as we try to acquaint ourselves with what our colleagues in cognate fields are doing. Later, we will extend these opportunities to external speakers who can speak to the broad substantive constituency in the CCQSS. These could be particularly useful for grant applications that will ultimately be evaluated by interdisciplinary panels.

Methodological Workshops

The Centre will host occasional methodological workshops that address current advanced and debates in quantitative methodology. These workshops will be roughly half-day events that will focus on both theory and applications. These could be conducted by graduate students, faculty, post-docs or visiting scholars as dictated by demand, expertise and availability.