Warden, Jack William

Warden, JackWarden, Jack William (he/him) 
WeCLISH Student Affiliate 
Email: jwarden6uwo.ca 
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0009-0009-8265-2451 

Jack William Warden is a PhD student in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Western University. Located at the Hydroclimate Extremes and Climate Change Lab, he is interested in examining the changing patterns of hydroclimate risk from compound weather events causing flooding due to climate change. Specifically, his research interest lies in understanding the impacts of rapid transitions from drought to heavy precipitation and vice versa and how they impact runoff behaviour and infrastructure resilience. At WeCLISH Centre, Jack expects to learn about the broader impacts of climate change through working with interdisciplinary team members and publishing his research for knowledge exchange.