Ajiferuke, Isola FIMS FIMS Dr. Ajiferuke’s research interests include the impact of information and communications technologies, evaluation of information retrieval systems, informetrics/webometrics, and knowledge management. The focus of my current research projects is in the area of webometrics. 
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Arku, Godwin Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Arku’s research spans 'urban' and 'economic' sub-division of human geography, especially as they relate to the transformation of urban systems in a changing global environment. He also has interests in development issues challenging Global South countries.
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Baruah, Bipasha Arts and Humanities Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Dr. Baruah specializes in interdisciplinary research at the intersections of gender, economy, environment, and development; gender and work; and social, political, and economic inequality. Most of her current research aims to understand how to ensure that a global low-carbon economy will be more gender equitable and socially just than its fossil-fuel based predecessor.
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Branzei, Oana Ivey    Dr Branzei is Donald F. Hunter Professor of International Business and Professor of Strategy and Sustainability at the Ivey Business School and Faculty Scholar at Western University in Canada. Dr. Branzei’s research interests focus on novel forms and functions of organizing in response to environmental, social, and governance grand challenges. Dr Branzei leads major research initiatives on inclusive organizing. She has convened communities of inquiry that actively promote positive social change through social innovation, social enterprise, sustainable communities, and cross-sector partnerships, such as the Sustainability, Entrepreneurship & Ethics annual conference and the Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI) conference and their dedicated doctoral and faculty development consortia.
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Conley, Tim Social Science Economics Dr. Conley’s research focuses on applied and theoretical econometrics; development; and empirical industrial organization. 
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Goda, Katsichiru Science Department of Earth Sciences  
Hunsberger, Carol Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Hunsberger is a human geographer with interests in the political ecology of energy systems, especially biofuels and pipelines. She is especially interested in how people with different positions on controversial issues interpret justice and fairness, and how the diverse values and priorities that they raise are reflected in decision-making processes.
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Katsivo, Melanie Africa Institute/ Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Africa Institute/ Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Dr. Katsivo fosters, stimulates and facilitates the development and implementation of Global Health research, education and experiential learning, through an equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization lens. 
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Lawson, Erica Arts and Humanities Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies Dr. Lawson’s research interests include mothering and motherhood; feminist and critical race theories; grief and violence, particularly as they impact the lives of African Canadians. 
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Lindo, Zoe Science Biology Dr. Lindo uses a combined aboveground-belowground approach for understanding the regulation and functional significance of biodiversity within the context of land use change, pollution, overexploitation, and climate change.
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McBean, Gordon Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. McBean focuses his research on climate change science and policy, natural hazards-prediction and mitigation, weather and environmental prediction systems.
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Moser, Katrina Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Moser’s research is on water quality and quantity issues, and specifically how humans are impacting these important resources.
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Najafi, Mohammad Reza Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Dr. Najafi’s research team develops and integrates state-of-the-art statistical and process-based approaches to understand and predict the spatial and temporal variability of natural hazard risks under climate change.
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Popelka, Francisco Olea Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Dr. Olea-Popelka’s inter-disciplinary research focuses on the study of diseases and addresses global health issues at the intersection of livestock, wildlife, and humans. His primary focus is mycobacterial infections, and he is recognized as an international leader in zoonotic tuberculosis.
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Ray, Madhumita Engineering Chem. & Biochemical Engineering Dr. Ray’s research focuses on two key themes: advanced treatment technologies for water and waste treatment; and environmental modelling and is directed toward the reduction of environmental pollution or understanding processes of pollutants in natural environments.
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Richmond, Chantelle Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Richmond’s is the Canada Research Chair in Indigenous Health and the Environment. Her Chairship focuses on three areas: The Interdisciplinary Development Initiative on Applied Indigenous Scholarship, which focuses on the academic environment; the Indigenous Mentorship Network Program of Ontario, which focuses on health training environments; and an international SSHRC Insight Grant, which focuses on global Indigenous connections with the land.
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Robinson, Clare Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering Dr. Robinson’s research interests include groundwater-surface water interactions in coastal environments, water quality, supply and treatment in developing countries, green roofs, and groundwater, reactive transport and geochemical modelling.
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Shang, Jiali Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Dr. Shang works as Research Scientist, Remote Sensing Analyst for Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Voogt, Jamie Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Voogt’s current research combines surface and boundary layer meteorology and climatology with remote sensing and GIS.
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Wang, Jinfei Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Wang research focuses on developing algorithms for automatic linear and other man-made feature detection from images; GIS feature extraction and land use/cover change detection in urban environments using multispectral and hyperspectral data; object-oriented information extraction from high resolution remotely sensed imagery; and the applications of radar/optical remote sensing and GIS for environmental change analysis near large rivers/mountains and in marshy and mangrove wetlands.
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Way, Danielle Science Biology Dr. Way’s focuses on physiological responses to high temperatures, drought stress and changes in CO2 concentration, to determine the mechanisms underpinning plant responses to global change at molecular and biochemical scales and the implications of these responses for the larger community and ecosystem scales.
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Weis, Tony Social Science Geography and Environment Dr. Weis’ research is broadly located in the field of political ecology, with a focus on the power, inequalities, and biophysical instabilities associated with globalized agriculture and food systems, including the explicit and implicit subsidies that brace the competitiveness of industrial production.
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