Takkouch, Mariam

Takkouch, MariamTakkouch, Mariam (she/her) 
WeCLISH Student Affiliate 
Email: mtakkou@uwo.ca 
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8144-9149 

Mariam Takkouch is a PhD candidate in Curriculum Studies at the Faculty of Education, Western University, with a collaborative specialization in environment and sustainability. Her research examines climate change and environmental education in the context of elementary and secondary schools. Specifically, she investigates the role of school gardens in fostering connections between children, communities, and the environment. Through her research, she advances knowledge about school gardens in urban settings that nurture climate change education, environmental awareness, social justice, community building, agricultural literacy, ecological citizenship, and student stewardship. At WeCLISH Centre, Mariam expects to collaborate across disciplines, gain diverse perspectives, and advance climate change scholarship.