Okwei, Reforce

Okwei, ReforceOkwei, Reforce (he/his) 
WeCLISH Student Affiliate 
Email: rokwei@uwo.ca 
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-7951-9053 

Reforce Okwei is a PhD student in Geography and Environment at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Western University. He is interested in researching the impacts of climate change on vulnerable slum communities in the Global South, which bear the brunt of climate change despite being the lowest contributors to carbon emissions. He seeks to analyze the community coping and adaptation strategies to inform interventions and policies to save lives and livelihoods and make cities more sustainable. At WeCLISH Centre, Reforce is eager to enhance his understanding of climate change through an interdisciplinary approach and apply it through transformative research aligned with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).