March 27, 2024

“Dr. Najafi receives an Early Researcher Award for his climate change research project” 

Reza NajafiFloods, the costliest natural hazard in Ontario, cause severe adverse effects on the people and their dwellings, communities, and infrastructure. They differ over time and across places due to population growth and weather extremes. Yet, the flood risk assessment approaches to protect Ontarians from future disasters do not account for the interaction between time and space.

To address this drawback, Keri Ferguson at Western News reports that Dr. Najafi’s award-winning project will “develop an integrated modelling framework to characterize the complex interactions between concurrent and sequential flood hazards across the entire Great Lakes basin.” Thus, it will help develop effective strategies for mitigation and make small and large communities and infrastructure systems resilient in Ontario.

Dr. M Reja Najafi is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Western University and a WeCLISH faculty member. 

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