March 11, 2024

"Is Canada in for another extreme wildfire season?"

Katrina MoserDr. Katrina Moser discusses with Justin Zadorsky at Western News whether Canada is in for another extreme wildlife season.  

Pointing to the harsh reality of unprecedented wildfires, which engulfed more than seven times the land in a single year in Canada compared to the last thirty years (18.5 million in 2023 vs. 2.5 million hectares in the previous 30 years), Dr. Moser asks us to think about their impact on the ecosystems, including water resources, and what we can do to make a difference. 

To inspire action, she and her colleagues at Western braid together Indigenous worldviews and Western science to create an award-winning free online course, Connecting for Climate Change Action.

Professor Katrina Moser is the Chair of the Department of Geography and Environment at Western University and a WeCLISH faculty member. 

Read the full article on Western News.