January 19, 2024

Rotary Clubs initiate planning discussions with the ICLR, Western University, and WeCLISH to build climate-resilient communities. 

After visiting the ICLR Climate Resilience Centre, the Rotary Clubs in 6330 and 6380 districts, the Institute of Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR), Western University, and the Western Centre for Climate Change, Sustainable Livelihoods and Health (WeCLISH) – met at the Convergence Centre to brainstorm activities to build climate resilience communities. 

Photo: Building Community Resilient Community (BCRC) Project planning meeting participants at the ICLR Climate Centre. Clockwise, back row: Andrew Middleton, James Voogt, David Knoppert, Mark Oliver, Ron Aitken, Douglas Thompson, Barry Fraser, Isaac Luginaah, Katrina Moser, Gordon McBean, Joanne Palma. Front row: Keith Porter, Terrance McNaughton, Ron Allingham, Malcolm Rust.

ICLR’s Chief Engineer, Dr. Keith Porter, demonstrated how communities might act to protect their homes from climate disasters like fire, floods, hail and tornadoes.  

Later, Dr. Gordon McBean facilitated a discussion with Rotary Club participants, brought together by Rotarians David KnoppertDistrict 6330, and Ron Allingham, District 6380 

Dr. Katrina Moser from Western introduced their free, award-winning Climate Change Action Course to help inspire climate-resilient community actions.  

Drs. Isaac Luginaah from the WeCLISH and James Voogt from Western also participated in the discussion. 

A brief planning meeting report will be posted here later. See below images of a few climate-resilient demonstration models at the climate centre.

Climate Resilient Model Demonstration at the Climate Centre 

Photo: Models of a fire-non-resilient (left) and a fire-resilient (right) home.

Photo: Dr. Porter shows how a battery backup sump pump works to stop flooding the basement.

Photo: Hail-resistant asphalt shingle roofing (left) can make a difference in protecting roofs from hails.

Photo: Eight small, low-cost connections can make a house resist tornadoes.