Submission Guidelines

Submission to the Climate Blog includes a two-step process:

1. Pitch your story!

• A provisional title capturing the blog’s essence (The shorter, the better; maximum 18 words)
• Storyline on specific WeCLISH themes that would instantly pique readers’ interest (Maximum three sentences in 100 words)
• Significance (i.e. what will it add to the climate change discourse? Maximum 100 words)
• Image sources and description (how they relate to the Blog content)

2. Submit the content after the pitch is accepted.

• An inviting title (Maximum 18 words)
• Contributor(s)’ details: Name, pronouns, degree, title, institutional affiliation, email, links to ORCID and WeCLISH websites (must describe their profiles), headshots, and disclosure statements.
• Highlights: 2 messages/insights (Maximum 50 words)
• Content: In 4-5 paragraphs with a word limit of 500-550 words 
• Embedded images (Figures/Photos): 2-3
• Image copyrights:  Contributors must have the copyright to publish as open-access material or use images with Creative Commons Licenses
• Tone: Evidence-based but non-academic, appropriate for lay and interdisciplinary audiences
• Writing: Clear, direct, coherent, transparent, inclusive, and respectful language
• References: Maximum 10, APA style with hyperlinks to the source materials

Who to submit to?

• Email: Laila Rahman at   
• Email subject lines: 
     - WeCLISH Climate Blog Pitch 
     - WeCLISH Climate Blog Content_Original
     - WeCLISH Climate Blog Content_Revised1
     - WeCLISH Climate Blog Content_Revised2

What is the submission format?

• Submit the pitch in a single MS Word File.
• Submit the content in a single MS Word File with embedded images. Additionally, submit separate image files in PNG format. 
• Image file names will correspond to the image titles (e.g., Image 1), as depicted in the blog content. 
• The MS Word files will have the following name appropriate to the content type and submission stage. 
     - ClimateBlogPitch_FirstContributor’sLastName
     - ClimateBlogContent_Original_FirstContributor’sLastName
     - ClimateBlogContent_Revised1_FirstContributor’sLastName
     - ClimateBlogContent_Revised2_FirstContributor’sLastName