About the Climate Blog


“Get in the Know and Engage to Address Climate Change.”


Inspire evidence-informed inspiring conversations, collaborations, and acts to address climate change.

Who can contribute?

• WeCLISH Faculty Members
• WeCLISH Collaborators
• WeCLISH Postdocs
• WeCLISH Students
• WeCLISH Friends
• Outside WeCLISH: Academic Climate Change Research Community (by invitation only)

What to write about?

• Write about climate change-related WeCLISH themes in which you have in-depth and scholarly expertise.
• Provide original insights or those that are not common knowledge beyond your specific disciplinary field.
• Thus, it must benefit interdisciplinary audiences inside and outside the WeCLISH community.

Single or multiple contributors?

Both are welcome, but submission from an interdisciplinary multiple-contributor team might be a priority.

What are the benefits?

• Contributors will receive no direct financial benefit.
• However, their contributions will add to their non-academic blog publications.
• Additionally, they can highlight their published scholarly works in these posts.
• Indirectly, they will contribute to climate change discourse to benefit society at large.

What is the publication frequency?

Two blogs each month.

When to submit?

Submit on a rolling basis, starting from March 1, 2024.