Earnings Inequality, Dynamics, and Mobility Statistics for Canada: 1983-2016

Statistics on Canadian Inequality, Volatility, and Mobility: 1983—2016

This webpage contains statistics on earnings inequality, volatility, and mobility from 1983—2016 for Canadian tax filers based on data from Statistics Canada’s T1 Personal Master File (T1PMF).  These statistics were calculated as part of the project related to CHCP Working Paper 2021—1, “Four Decades of Canadian Earnings Inequality and Dynamics across Workers and Firms” Appendix by Audra Bowlus, Emilien Gouin-Bonenfant, Huju Liu, Lance Lochner, and Youngmin Park. 

Description of Data, Sampling, and Variables used to Compute All Statistics 

Description of Files Used to Create All Figures 

Users can download statistics (in .csv files) and Stata .do files to create .pdf figures for those statistics on the following pages:  

Earnings Inequality 

Earnings Volatility 

Earnings Mobility

These pages also contain all .pdf figures created by the Stata .do files.  In many cases, additional related statistics are available and can easily be included in the figures by modifying the associated Stata .do files as desired.  All Stata .do files describe available options for samples (e.g., men, women, both) and related statistics in comments near the top of the programs.