Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance

Most Canadians now live in cities and large metropolitan areas. Social, economic, and environmental policymaking by all levels of government is increasingly urban in its focus.
Western’s Centre for Urban Policy and Local Governance (CUP-LG) was created in 2017 to respond to the many new challenges facing local governments and urban policymakers at all levels. Bringing together academic researchers and students from across Western and beyond, our goal is to facilitate new interdisciplinary collaborations on pressing questions, to foster dialogue between academics and policy practitioners, and to communicate the results of research to policy professionals and the broader public.
As Western’s hub for urban research, the Centre builds on the university’s established strengths: the graduate Local Government Program and undergraduate Urban Development Program, the Human Environments Analysis Laboratory, and the work of dozens of faculty members and graduate students across multiple Social Science departments. The Centre is a proud member of Western’s Network for Economic and Social Trends (NEST), which brings together the research centres in the Faculty of Social Science.

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Research areas in 2018–19

The Centre will focus on three research areas each year. Each will culminate in a research report or other publication targetted at policy professionals working in local or provincial government, non-governmental organizations, or private practice. In the future, we will solicit ideas for research areas from the policy community. 

Local Elections

Our home in London, Ontario, is the first Canadian municipality to adopt a ranked-ballots electoral system. We are monitoring this closely with a specific focus on administration. How is London preparing for the deployment of a new electoral system? And what can other municipalities learn from London's experience? Separately, faculty researchers are studying recent changes to Ontario's campaign finance rules for local elections to see what impact they have on electoral competition.

Local Economic Development

All municipalities have economic development policies and programs, many of which are designed by external consultants. How effective are these policies, and how much are they tailored to local conditions?

Canadian Local Government Inventory

It has been over a decade since provincial legal and regulatory frameworks for local government have been comprehensively reviewed and compared. We are building an inventory of information regarding the provincial-municipal relationship in each province and territory.