The Centre for Research in Social Inequality encourages, organizes, and supports innovative social science research in the very wide areas within Social Inequality. We are a community of scholars working and collaborating on research and methods that advance the scientific understanding of poverty and inequality in a broad sense. We work within the areas of social stratification, family demography, health inequality, migration, work, and professions.

The world's population grows older, inequality is rising and have become a subject of intense debate, intergenerational mobility is stalling or maybe even decreasing, and migration and globalization is receiving increasing attention. This leads to many new challenges face societies, including income and family dynamics, public policy, economic security, work, and health care. High and rising inequality is especially problematic when growth is slow, and the living standards of the family are not increasing. Further, changing population dynamics, coupled with increasing immigration and globalization, bring a new urgency to understanding the social factors that shape opportunities and social behavior throughout the life course, such as individual well-being and health inequality.