Western is home to a large the number of faculty members, in the Faculty of Social Science and affiliated universities, who conduct research that is relevant to the study of political behaviour. This has boosted the possibility for collaboration and developing networks, and was the inspiration for the Centre for the Study of Political Behaviour.

Similarly, the Consortium on Electoral Democracy (C-Dem) was established in 2019 by a SSHRC Partnership Grant awarded to Laura Stephenson (PI) and several co-investigators and collaborators, including some at Western (Anderson, Armstrong, Alcantara, Esses, Lebo). This 7-year project, co-directed by Stephenson and Allison Harell (Université du Québec à Montréal), will oversee national and provincial election surveys until 2026. The Centre for the Study of Political Behaviour is the institutional home for C-Dem at Western.